American born, Sadaf spent most of her girlhood in Tehran where she discovered her love for fashion, seeking distinction with her style by wearing pieces unusual to the average youth. While others wore dresses to birthday parties, she wore a tie and blazer, instantly grabbing the attention of the room. Her inspiration grew independent from the locals and seasoned through her travels to Europe. At the age of 15, she moved to Canada with her family, and despite the cultural urge to blend in, she developed her individualistic style, which she remains credible for today.

Being a geotechnical engineer, Sadaf has proven that not only can she design building foundations by methods of soil mechanics, but can also double as a fashion influence for the people she meets and the digital media. Her originality in pairing Couture with urban street style has encouraged Sadaf to establish In a SeaShell so that she can earn a voice in the industry to further motivate her growth.

Brands I Have Worked With

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