Timeless Colour Combo

One of my all-time favourite colour combos is red, navy and black. Last week I was walking through H&M to get to Granville Street, and I saw this beautiful stripped skirt (shop here), so I picked it up immediately imagining how and when I would wear it. There was a matching white tee right next to it, but Vancouver weather is not T-shirt ready yet, and I didn’t want to wear white with it either 😉 so I looked a bit more and found this red puffer jacket couple of racks away 🙂 (get it here).



I decided to complete the look with black booties, the ones I’m wearing are from Forever 21 but you can find a similar one here, although, red heels would look amazing with it as well. I Wore my cozy cap from Topshop with my favorite cut-out top from Zara under the jacket. My sunglasses here are Celine (shop similar colour here), and my bag is Chanel 🙂



I hope you like this look and colour combo. Comment your thoughts 🙂

Sincerely yours,


For the love of silk

As promised in my Instagram post, I’d like to share with you my outfits that showcase the delicate hand crafted silk work by Leyla Navab, a true piece of art one could wear (featured in the Sheedvash magazine – December 2016 issue).

Prior to the photoshoot, I hadn’t seen the silk scarfs I was suppose to present. When Leyla arrived in Vancouver, I had the pleasure of meeting her to go over her designs. Her work is truly amazing. The floral artwork painted on 100% silk is not only flawless in design, but priceless. Little did I know, she had a show later that day to present her collection, and so my photoshoot was cut short. Despite the short notice and disastrous weather, the shoot was a success. Luckily, the camera wasn’t “smart” enough to show that my shoes were completely wet. 🙂

Here is my first look wearing the green silk scarf with pink flowers, my favourite. I decided to match this with my KENZOxHM trousers, Zara black cutout sweater, and my newest hat from Urban Outfitters. I should tell you that the Kenzo trousers are double-sided 😀 (will save the other side for a separate post). 😉img_4556





This is my second look, wearing the black silk scarf with red flowers, this was enough to give life to an all black look and went well with my Zara velvet boots and shorts (although it looks like a skirt). As for the blouse, I got it from TopShop, and lastly, my limited edition Chloe bag to wrap it up. img_4680





Here is my last look wearing the choker silk scarf. I don’t know how to describe the colour, it’s something between emerald and teal. For this, I went for a more “classic” look, keeping on the same blouse and pulling things together with my black Zara blazer and trousers. In this shot, I’m wearing the only “comfortable” Christian Louboutin pumps I could find. 😉 To wrap things up, I threw in a dash of red with my lipstick and Chanel purse… and of course, I would never forget my hat (H&M).img_4769


Version 2


I hope you guys like my outfits for the Sheevash Magazine. Please share your comments and let me know what you think 😉

You can read more about Leyla Navab’s work in sheedvash.com. You can signup and read their Christmas issue online.

As always, makeup was done by @beautybyazadeh.

Sincerely, Sadafy


Get cozy in Style

People think to be cozy in your clothes is to be wearing sweatpants and UGG boots. False. Who says you can’t look good and feel good with what you wear. As we shift seasons and comes the cold, it’s easy to lose motivation, wear whatever, add a few pounds, you catch my drift… Sometimes, dressing warm doesn’t require layers and layers of garments. You can keep warm with a simple sweater, long and loose enough to act as a single piece and warm enough to keep you from shivering; even when you’re craving ice-cream.

I paired this pink H&M sweater with my pink Gucci purse to compliment the almost exact pink tones. Boots (Sergio Rossi), on the other hand, can be a little different so you don’t look like a bubble gum! 😀 img_3795


I also like to pay attention to the hidden details that glue everything together. For example, these mirrored shades by Chanel go well with the silver work on the bag and the boots.


Let me know what you think of this outfit 😉

Sincerely, Sadafy