Timeless Colour Combo

One of my all-time favourite colour combos is red, navy and black. Last week I was walking through H&M to get to Granville Street, and I saw this beautiful stripped skirt (shop here), so I picked it up immediately imagining how and when I would wear it. There was a matching white tee right next to it, but Vancouver weather is not T-shirt ready yet, and I didn’t want to wear white with it either 😉 so I looked a bit more and found this red puffer jacket couple of racks away 🙂 (get it here).



I decided to complete the look with black booties, the ones I’m wearing are from Forever 21 but you can find a similar one here, although, red heels would look amazing with it as well. I Wore my cozy cap from Topshop with my favorite cut-out top from Zara under the jacket. My sunglasses here are Celine (shop similar colour here), and my bag is Chanel 🙂



I hope you like this look and colour combo. Comment your thoughts 🙂

Sincerely yours,


Snow White Spring

Remember when I did my “Business Meets Streetstyle Chic” post? Well as promised I am sharing with you another suit style for spring 😉 I wore this look for my magazine shoot with Sheedvash for their March style issue 🙂

I’ve always been a big fan of suits and I found this loose chic and comfy suit from Zara. The jacket and the pants did not come together but I managed to match them perfectly while I was in store 😉 You can buy the pants here and the blazer here.  They also come in different colours but I really like the all white look.

I matched the suit with a white cropped top that I had bought from TopShop few years ago. Unfortunately they don’t carry this anymore but you can find a similar and better one here ;). My bag is the white YSL Cowhide tassel clutch and my shoes are Sergio Rossi. Unfortunately none of these items are available now as they are from the previous collection but you can buy the bag in the smaller size here and the newest Sergio Rossi pumps here.






Oh and lets not forget the Chanel Sunglasses 😉 I’m sure you all know that these were the runways collection sunglasses from few seasons ago. If I ever find a seller who sells them I will post it here for you guys.

Hope you like this polished spring look. Let me know if you have any questions 😉

Sincerely Yours,





Yellow, Bold and Gold

One thing about me is that I don’t really ever think about what I’m going wear beforehand 🙂 I always walk into my closet look around, pick one item (usually the most comfortable item) and then choose what goes with it.

This outfit was put together in 5minutes while I was waiting for my husband to shower so we can grab a bite to eat 😉



I’m wearing a simple white hoodie with a corset belt and knee high boots to match; (shop hoodie here,  belt here & boots here). To give the whole look a bold touch, I through in my very old yellow leather jacket from Danier. Wish I could give you guys the direct shopping link to this jacket but I bought this Jacket 11 years ago 😀 (shop similar jacket here).




I hope you guys like this look. Would love to hear your comments, let me know what you think 😉

Sincerely, Sadafy

My 5 Spring Must-Haves

(1) White Sneakers
Everyone has to have a pair of white sneakers in their closet. There are so many ways you can wear white sneakers which I will go over each look with you guys later 😉 Just give you some ideas, you can mix a pair of white sneakers with a maxi dress for spring or just wear it with your favourite jeans and trench coat 😉
My pick for this spring is the Puma Basket Heart Patent White Sneakers (shop it here).
Puma Basket 1
(2) Lace Maxi Dress
I’m a big fan of maxi dresses in general but a lace maxi dress is something else 😉 This months favourite is the Mura Boutiques new Idyllic dress, I have this in blush and its to die for. But, if you like to go all white with white sneakers 😉 haha, then get the white one (Shop here).
Version 2
(3) Marble I-Phone Case
It’s a bit over done, the whole Marble look, but I still like it. For those of us who work at an office you definitely want an I-phone case that’s not too flashy, girly or eye popping. So the best option in my opinion that would still be flattering yet professional is the Marble Case (Shop here). You can choose different colours of the Marble style too which is a bonus 😉
 Mable Case
(4) Pearl Detail Jeans
No matter how many pair of jeans you buy every year, you still can go for more 😀 This month’s favourites are the Zara High Rise Pearl jeans (Shop here). Pearls are becoming a trend this season although they’ve been used in designs a lot over the past two years. So just to keep with what most ladies are into now, I decided to give you the more unique option of wearing pearls on your jeans 😉
 Pearl jeans
(5) Perfect Water Bottle
Last but not least to look great in whatever you choose to wear this season you gotta stay hydrated and I have the best water bottle option for you. This month’s favourite (well my favourite for every month of the year) water bottle is by CopperH2O (Shop here). This pure copper water bottle will transform your drinking water into Alkaline water!!! I will let you guys do the research for all the benefits on their website here.
I hope you guys like my picks for this Spring 😉 I will post some of my Spring outfit ideas for you guys next :*
Sincerely, Sadafy

For the love of silk

As promised in my Instagram post, I’d like to share with you my outfits that showcase the delicate hand crafted silk work by Leyla Navab, a true piece of art one could wear (featured in the Sheedvash magazine – December 2016 issue).

Prior to the photoshoot, I hadn’t seen the silk scarfs I was suppose to present. When Leyla arrived in Vancouver, I had the pleasure of meeting her to go over her designs. Her work is truly amazing. The floral artwork painted on 100% silk is not only flawless in design, but priceless. Little did I know, she had a show later that day to present her collection, and so my photoshoot was cut short. Despite the short notice and disastrous weather, the shoot was a success. Luckily, the camera wasn’t “smart” enough to show that my shoes were completely wet. 🙂

Here is my first look wearing the green silk scarf with pink flowers, my favourite. I decided to match this with my KENZOxHM trousers, Zara black cutout sweater, and my newest hat from Urban Outfitters. I should tell you that the Kenzo trousers are double-sided 😀 (will save the other side for a separate post). 😉img_4556





This is my second look, wearing the black silk scarf with red flowers, this was enough to give life to an all black look and went well with my Zara velvet boots and shorts (although it looks like a skirt). As for the blouse, I got it from TopShop, and lastly, my limited edition Chloe bag to wrap it up. img_4680





Here is my last look wearing the choker silk scarf. I don’t know how to describe the colour, it’s something between emerald and teal. For this, I went for a more “classic” look, keeping on the same blouse and pulling things together with my black Zara blazer and trousers. In this shot, I’m wearing the only “comfortable” Christian Louboutin pumps I could find. 😉 To wrap things up, I threw in a dash of red with my lipstick and Chanel purse… and of course, I would never forget my hat (H&M).img_4769


Version 2


I hope you guys like my outfits for the Sheevash Magazine. Please share your comments and let me know what you think 😉

You can read more about Leyla Navab’s work in sheedvash.com. You can signup and read their Christmas issue online.

As always, makeup was done by @beautybyazadeh.

Sincerely, Sadafy


Business meets street style chic

With the fall season officially here, and everyone getting busy with school and work, I decided to get a little more serious with my look this weekend ;).  With the help of my amazing friend and makeup artist, Azadeh Eltejaei @beautybyazadeh, I managed to pull together the perfect look I was going for :D. I confess I don’t have a photogenic face, but if you had seen me in person, you would have fallen in love with the makeup look. I hope these photos express how talented Azadeh is :).

Since I love creating men’s style inspired looks for myself, I decided to share with you this polished look. I’m wearing my black suit which I bought from Le Chateau for my engagement shoot back in 2014. Instead of going all black and white, I mixed in my new beige Zara wool coat and my incredibly beautiful Sergio Rossi shoes (these were my wedding shoes 😉 ). My python pattern Micheal Kors bag was a good match to finish off the look; I think I bought this bag back in 2010… time does fly by fast. Azadeh decided to put my hair up in a messy ponytail so I can show off my sheer white shirt (also from Zara) and tie ;). Everything about the makeup was perfect. The bold lip colour and the eye shadows were all perfect for this outfit.






It’s easy to create this look for an interview or a meeting, but I’ve worn suits to black tie events and galas, not to mention my engagement and trust me all eye were always on me. Remember, don’t be embarrassed by standing out from the crowd. You can experiment with coloured suits too; I will show you how in a different post soon ;).
I hope you guys like the outfit and makeup. Many thanks to my beautiful friend Azadeh. Don’t forget to check out her page and fantastic work on Instagram @beautybyazadeh.

Sincerely, Sadafy